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October 28, 2017
Andrea Claudia Galuppi Marco, Laura & Andrea Marco Galuppi Sandra Galuppi Ennio Domenico Galuppi Luisa Marina Galuppi Laura Sophie Galuppi Irmgard Galuppi Laura, Theo & Ennio Marco & Laura

Welcome to the Website of the Galuppi family english

The family Galuppi is located in Lörrach in south western Germany . There is only one branch of this name in Germany.
The origins are in Italy , where Nonno ("Grandpa") Galuppi was born in the region called Agro Pontino 100 km south of Rome. That´s why most relatives live in Italy, but there also ones in France, Switzerland and Canada.

We want to know more about our family tree.
If you have any information about other Galuppi´s, please mail us.
Till now, we are not sure about our relation to the composer Baldassare Galuppi

Luisa, Laura, Andrea and Marco Galuppi

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